Accountability in Tennessee Government

Teachers, doctors, hospitals, manufacturing plants and schools each use scorecards to measure success and define areas needing improvement. A government scorecard will ensure the services of government meet the needs of the people.

Scorecards provide real-time assessments of the progress of departments, service lines, classrooms and schools. They enable managers to constantly monitor the performance of their organizations, signaling problems in the making and pointing the way toward excellence.

If we are going to make government truly accountable to the people, it’s time the public sector initiate similar systems to monitor its performance. Imagine being able to log onto a website to see how long it will take your local Department of Motor Vehicles to process your driver’s license application. Government “scorecards” can be deployed to evaluate the processes of government at every level.

In the private sector, these scorecards help organizations better fulfill their mission of serving customers. They allow highly functioning departments to be rewarded and identify where improvements are needed. What has evolved is performance-based compensation, incentivizing leaders to chart the course toward excellence.

Shouldn’t government work just as well? It is time government be made accountable to the people and more transparent.

It is time for government to operate at the speed of business — the speed of “now.”