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The Club for Growth

Club for Growth


Family Research Council Action PAC

Family Research Council Action PAC

House Freedom Fund

 House Freedom Fund

Senator Rick Santorum

 Rick Santorum

Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, Reagan Economist 

Dr. Art Laffer


Conservative Grassroots Leaders

Sharon Strange, Past President, Republican Women of Williamson County

Shirley Curry, Former State Executive Committeewoman, Tennessee Republican Party

Neil Stidolph, Former Treasurer, Tennessee College Republican Committee

Joni Schmidt Hargrove, Co-Chair, Houston County Republican Party

Bob Crigger, Former Maury County Chair, Cruz for President

Donna Choate, Chaplain, Republican Women of Williamson County

Natalie Pearce, Co-Founder, West Franklin Conservatives

Joe Darke, Former Chairman, Stewart County Republican Party

Jean Barwick, Former Executive Director, Williamson County Republican Party

Aaron Snodderly, Former State Chairman, Tennessee Young Republicans

Kathryn Bryson, State Executive Committeewoman, Tennessee Republican Party

Tommy Vallejos, Founder, Latinos for Tennessee

B. Claire Crouch, Former President, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

Allen Kee, Co-Chairman, Benton County Republican Party

Hannah Tiblier, Secretary, Williamson County Republican Party

Brett Lashlee, Incoming Chairman, Rural Tennessee Speaks

Bob Mallory, Former Chairman, Houston County Republican Party

Sam Wolf, Chairman, Vanderbilt College Republicans

Steve Yahnke,Co-Chairman, Perry County Republican Party

Tallas Snodgrass, Former Vice Chair, Tennessee College Republican Committee

Ben Cunningham, President, Nashville Tea Party

Kevin Kookogey, Former Chairman, Williamson County Republican Party

H. J. Maxadon, Former Chairman, McNairy County Republican Party

Paula Treece, First Vice Chair, Washington County Republican Party

Aaron Margulies, President, Republican Jewish Coalition of Knoxville

Julie Mauck, Founder, Greater Nolensville Conservatives

Andrew Valk, Former Treasurer, Tennessee College Republicans Committee

Paula Uhlir, Past President, Republican Women of Williamson County

Ben J. Thompson, Former Chairman, Benton County Republican Party

Kevin Desmond, Founder, Tennessee Alliance of Tea Party and Liberty Groups

Cheryl Hardcastle Petty, Area 6 Vice President, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

David Baldovin, Former Chairman, Moore County Republican Party

Sandi Wells, Former Vice Treasurer, Williamson County Republican Party

Charlie Cato, Former Member, Cruz for President National Finance Committee

Mishelle Perkins ,Co-Founder, 912 Project of Tennessee

Menda Holmes, Former Chairman, Wilson County Tea Party

Charlene Damron, Board Member, National Federation of Republican Assemblies

Chris Thompson, Former Chairman, Pickett County Republican Party

Dennis R. Brown, Former Humphreys County Chairman, Donald Trump for President

Craig Reasor, Former 2nd District Chairman, Cruz for President

Dan Lindsey, Past Legislative Director, Disabled American Veterans

Edward Phillips, Former 4th District Chairman, Cruz for President

Donald White, Christian Stewardship Ministries

Matthew Studd, Leader, Cannon County TFA

Christy Sanford, Former Chairman, Rutherford County Republican Party

Gary Wensell, Former Grainger County Chair, Cruz for President

David Crowe, President, Restore America

Lonnie Spivak, Former Regional Vice Chair, Davidson County Republican Party

Stuart I. Anderson, At-Large Alternate Delegate to the RNC

Greg Johnson , Vice Treasurer, Cannon County Republican Party

Jewell Horner, Former Chairman, Dyer County Republican Party

Ginny Miles, Board Member, Cross Country Patriots

Jackie Archer, Founder, Tennessee Textbook Advocates

Jerry Hollingsworth, Former Chairman, Haywood County Cruz for President

Ed Smith, Former Credentials Chair, Davidson County Republican Party

John Miles, Chairman, Obion County Tea Party

Ben Graham, Chairman, Wilson County Tea Party

John Uitendaal, Chairman, Dyer County Legislative Body

Hope Foulds, Member, East Tennessee Patriots

Joni Bryan, Member, Cheatham County Republican Party

Hal Rounds, Former President, West Fayette County Republican Club

Bob Miles, Board Member, Cross Country Patriots

Judy Cooley, Legislative Chairwoman, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

Kathy Montgomery, Secretary, Dyer County Republican Party

Karen Moore, Former Davidson County Chairman, Cruz for President

Daniel Rieg, Former Union County Chairman, Cruz for President

Kathy Harms, Former Volunteer Coordinator, Cruz for President

Phil Hauser, Assistant Pastor, Fellowship Community Church

Mark West, Founder, Chattanooga Tea Party

Harvey Durham, Chairman, Citizens United in Honoring our Veterans

Susan E. Gingrich, Co-Chairman, Cross County Patriots Tea Party

Martha Ruth Brown, Former Treasurer, Davidson County Republican Party

Lamar Wilkie, Former President, South Cumberland Conservative Network

Lucy Overstreet, Leader, Jackson-Madison County Tea Party

Lynn Moss, Co-Founder, Mid-South Tea Party

Shelby Day, President, UT Martin College Republicans

Katherine Hudgins, Former Vice President, 9-12 Project of Tennessee

Melissa Bohanan, Former TN Volunteer Coordinator, Rick Santorum for President

Michelle Garcia, Former Coalitions Chairman, Cruz for President

Rob Bremer, Past President, Sevier County Tea Party

Katie Schnell, Board Member, Cross County Patriots Tea Party

Elaine Ervin, Former Volunteer Assistant, TN State Director, Trump for President

Paul Damron, Chaplain, Tennessee Republican Assembly

Kyle Mallory, Former Chairman, Stewart County Republican Party

Rebecca Griffey, Assistant District Attorney, Henry County

Raul Lopez, President, Latinos for Tennessee

Stuart Cooper, Committee Chair, Williamson County Republican Party

Rick Williams, Former 5th District Co-Chairman, Trump for President

Michael Noirot, State Volunteer, National Rifle Association

Sharon Rowley, Co-Chairman, Dickson County Republican Party

John Stancil, Bus Fleet Manager, Trump for President

Tommy Thomas, NRA Instructor

Steve Osborn, Chairman, Sevier County Tea Party

Jennifer Hicks, Director, Instruments of Joy

Donna Wilkie, Member, Tennessee Republican Assembly

Jeff Magruder, Former Executive Committee Member, Montgomery County Republican Party

Ruth Fennell, Past President, Sumner United for Responsible Governance

Wayne Schnell, Board Member, Cross County Patriots Tea Party

Jonathan Williams, Chairman, Bethel College Republicans

Jim Born, Chairman, Benton County Tea Party


All titles and affiliations are included for identification purposes only.


Dr. Mark Green for Congress Finance Committee

Wendy and Rich Anderson

Billy Atkins

State Senator Paul Bailey

Bryan Ballentine

Lee Barfield

Jason Beague

Lee Beaman

State Senator Mike Bell

Melinda and Mike Biggs

Clark and Brian Bivens

State Senator Janice Bowling

State Senator Richard Briggs

Christine and Scott Bryant

Eddie Burchett

Jim Burchett

Jeff Burkhart

State Representative Sheila Butt

Barney Byrd

State Representative David Byrd

Jim Cameron

State Representative Dale Carr

Jerry and Jon Clark

Jennie and Mark Cleveland

John Crabbe

State Senator Rusty Crowe

Joan and Dr. Ernie Dewald

State Senator Steve Dickerson

Kevin Doherty

Damon Dozier

State Representative Bill Dunn

Linda Kay and Dr. Mac Edington

Miles Lee Elder

Barbara and John Evans

Sabin Ewing

State Representative Jeremy Faison

Adrienne Fry

Katie Gambill

State Representative Ron Gant

State Senator Todd Gardenshire

State Representative Tilman Goins

JR Hand

State Senator Joey Hensley

Judson Hill

State Representative Timothy Hill

Tina and Mike Hodges

Gordon Inman

Charles Irby

State Senator Ed Jackson

Monty Lankford

State Representative Mary Littleton

State Senator Jon Lundberg

Jeff Magruder

Peter Marcum

State Senator Becky Massey

AJ McCall

John McConnell

Bruce McGaha

Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally

Tami and Andy Miller

Jeneen and Tom Moore

Cecil Morgan

William Morgan

Robert Nash

Ed Neely

State Senator Frank Niceley

State Representative John Ragan

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey

State Representative Curtis Johnson

State Senator Jack Johnson

Allan Jones

Susan and Commissioner Todd Kaestner

State Representative Kelly Keisling

State Senator Bill Ketron

Connie and Dirt King

Dr. Ron Kirkland

State Representative Sabi Kumar, MD

State Representative William Lamberth

State Representative Jay Reedy

Tom Rice

State Senator Kerry Roberts

State Representative Courtney Rogers

Lynn and John Rutledge

Gail and Jimmy Settle

State Representative Jerry Sexton

Nancy and LTG Hugh Smith

State Senator John Stevens

State Representative Bryan Terry

State Senator Jim Tracy

State Representative Ron Travis

Pastor Tommy Vallejos

Larry Wallace

State Representative Dawn White

Ted Williams

Win Winegar

State Representative Tim Wirgau

Sue and Bob Yates

State Representative Jason Zachary   

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