Keeping Tennessee Safe

As an Army special operations flight surgeon assigned to the 160th Special Ops Aviation Regiment, I’ve seen first hand what dangers Tennesseans now live in fear over. The Chattanooga Terror Attack proved that leadership must do more to protect our families. Rather than sit on the sidelines, I’ve taken this issue head on. 

Illegal immigration hurts Tennesseans as it places us at risk from terrorists, drug and human trafficking. Additionally it brings workers who displace Tennesseans from jobs. That is why I carried legislation last year to prevent sanctuary cities in Tennessee and strengthen our e-verify laws. 

With ISIS having captured the passport printing facility in Syria there is no safe way to vet Syrian refugees. That is why I support the lawsuit against the federal government to block their entry into the United States. With terrorists tweeting over one hundred thousand tweets a day attempting to radicalize lone wolf terrorists similar to the Chattanooga and San Bernardino killers, the final line of the defense of freedom is once again the armed citizen. 

Protecting the Second Amendment is protecting America. I am proud to have an A+ rating from the NRA, and I will always fight to protect our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. It is more than a right… it is a duty.